Ben Chauncey

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Ben Chauncey
Interim Division Finance Director

Mailing Address: 

96 Morton Street, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10014



Ben Chauncey sustains a sound fiscal infrastructure for the Learning and Teaching Division, advancing business development to ensure the Division achieves its goals to enhance the quality and equity of education. To this role, he brings extensive expertise in financial management and business analytics, as well as a strong background in nonprofit fiscal administration and educational research.

Chauncey leads a team of Division Finance Managers that anticipates and meets the rapidly evolving development and fiscal operations needs of over 200 researchers, instructional designers, professional developers, and consultants engaged in innovating to improve outcomes for students. His guidance enables the team to effectively and efficiently partner with project directors to submit proposals that result in the successful funding of mission-critical initiatives by a wide array of government agencies and private foundations.  

Previously, Chauncey served as a Division Finance Manager. In this capacity, he led the development of grant and contract budgets for teams that successfully secured multi-year, multi-million funding and headed up fiscal operations for the Center for Children & Technology. Earlier in his career at EDC, he researched the potential of partnerships between Head Start programs and child care centers to improve early education for children from low-income families—playing a key role in research design, data collection and analysis, and dissemination of findings. An issue brief by the Administration for Children & Families presents a synthesis of findings from this work.

Chauncey has co-authored research reports and articles, including: "Supporting Parents Through Head Start-Child Care Partnerships" (International Journal of Economic Development), Child Care Quality Study: The Impact of Head Start on Child Care Quality, Ohio Head Start Plus Study Final Report, and Child Care/Head Start Partnership Study.

He has completed graduate work in biostatistics at Harvard University, where he received an AB in Biology with electives in Psychology and Economics.