Everyone's Worried About Fake News: What Can Teachers Do About It?


In this article, EDC experts Eliza Fabillar, Tony Streit, and Bill Tally share their insights on the crucial importance of teachers fostering students' media literacy, informed use of social media, and civil discourse: "Not only do teachers need to help their students understand the difference between real and fake news stories, but they need to guide them in learning how to consume, understand, and create media that is relevant to their lives...In a democratic society, it’s every teacher’s responsibility to educate their students on how to be citizens, and being able to make sense of media is a critical part of that education...We need to make media literacy instruction more nimble to better address the media environments in which young people are spending time. This means talking about social media and having real conversations about truth, ethics, and the responsibilities of digital citizenship..."


EDC Newsroom

Publication Date: 

Monday, August 21, 2017