College & Careers

Far too few youth and adults have the skills and knowledge they need to excel in the workforce. Across the U.S. and around the world, EDC strengthens education and training systems to put people on a fast track to success in post-secondary education and careers. With leaders from Grade 9–16 education, career and technical education, adult basic education, business and industry, and workforce development, we advance shared goals to improve outcomes for students and create a strong workforce.

Our instructional designers create effective learning experiences that inspire youth and adults and give them a toolkit of key employability skills—problem solving, teamwork, initiative, computing, and data literacy--that position them to thrive in all fields. Our evaluators and researchers provide new insights into practices, programs, and policies to enhance college and career success.

Interested? Explore our projects, people, and publications, and contact us to find out how we can help you advance your goals to promote college and career readiness and success.

Featured Projects: 

Adult Basic Education Support engages EDC in advancing efforts to provide professional development and support for adult basic education programs, practitioners, and learners across Massachusetts, including overseeing the statewide PD communication network. Contact Ilene Kantrov.

Amgen Biotech Experience involves close collaboration with the Amgen Foundation to enhance laboratory experiences for high school biology students; EDC also serves as the Program Office for Amgen Biotech Experience. Contact Rebecca Lewis.

Building Social Media Capacity of Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Centers is investigating the effectiveness of using best-practice social media strategies from business and research to recruit students into advanced technological fields in STEM. Contact Joe Ippolito.

Contextualized Curriculum for Adult Learners in Math and Literacy engages us in supporting the use of 24 developmental education and adult basic education curriculum modules—on topics such as information technology and advanced manufacturing—that we developed to advance the workforce development goals of a consortium of 15 Massachusetts community colleges. Contact Ilene Kantrov.

Creating Pathways for Big Data Careers engages us in working with four community colleges to create a career pathway model for Big Data occupations to address the urgent and rapidly growing need for workers proficient in the use of Big Data. Contact Joyce Malyn-Smith.

Ford Next Generation Learning (NGL) professional learning and consultation supports educators in implementing the curriculum, builds their pedagogical and content knowledge and skills, and helps mobilize entire communities to redesign high school education. Contact Ilene Kantrov.

iCREAT External Evaluation is examining an initiative to establish a STEM pathway towards middle-skill careers in electronics and associated technology by providing high school students with a program that introduces them to robotics, coding, and technology and leads to certification and/or associate's degrees. Contact Jackie DeLisi.

Investigating the Implementation and Outcomes of Student-Centered Learning Study, part of Jobs for the Future's new Student-Centered Research Collaborative, engages us in examining whether and how student-centered learning experiences affect Grade 9–12 students’ learning outcomes and readiness for college, careers, and civic life. Contact Sarah Ryan or Karen Shakman.

Law and Justice’s two courses, Foundations in Law and Foundations in Criminal Justice, help educators empower young people to think critically and solve problems, develop innovative solutions, explore law and criminal justice careers, and take civic action as members of society. Contact Eliza Fabillar.

Massachusetts Computing Attainment Network (MassCAN) led by EDC seeks to ensure all students in the Commonwealth have a strong foundation in computing, a STEM workforce essential, and works to scale and sustain professional development for teachers. Contact Jim Stanton.

Middle Grades Career Mentors engages EDC in studying an initiative to advance knowledge of mentorship as a strategy to interest middle schoolers from underrepresented groups in career and technical education and STEM-focused careers. Contact Ashley Presser Lewis.

Ocean Tracks: College Edition, an interactive Web-based learning resource, helps students at undergraduate institutions develop valuable skills in analyzing and learning from large, authentic scientific datasets. Contact Randy Kochevar.

STEAM Power is a collaboration between EDC and Artists for Humanity to design and study a model for using authentic art-making experiences infused with STEM to promote under-resourced high school students' interest in STEM learning and careers. Contact Lynn Goldsmith.