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EDC is making the best use of Web-based professional development to improve content knowledge and...

We take seriously the context of out-of-school learning as a subject of study. Significant learning...

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White House selects EDC to take part in Early Learning STEM Symposium

The White House selected EDC to participate in its April 21 all-day White House Early Learning STEM...

Role of public media in promoting equitable access to high-quality early learnin

In an illuminating new report, EDC and SRI share progress and potential leverage points in using...

EDC provides support to Federal Home Visiting Program MIECHV

EDC will receive $13 million over the next five years to support grantees and staff of the Maternal...

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Ron Felton brings extensive expertise in special education and children’s mental health to his...
John P. Madura brings significant expertise in quantitative research methodologies, as well as a keen...

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