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We lead multiple STEM-focused resource centers and knowledge utilization initiatives for the...

We take seriously the context of out-of-school learning as a subject of study. Significant learning...

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Computer science education

The Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education has unanimously approved new,...

EDC's planned language approach supports all young children's literacy development

In a recent press release, the White House...

Picture of ebola virus from new EDC Exploring Infectious Diseases website

Every 12 to 18 months, an outbreak of infectious disease erupts somewhere in the world. EDC’s new,...


Atlanta, GA
July 11-13: Washington, DC
7/24-31: Hamburg, Germany
August 17-19: Madison, WI

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Abigail Levy

Abigail Jurist Levy brings extensive experience in the fields of public K­–12...

Jill Weber

As Director of Research, Evaluation, and Policy, Jill Weber oversees a team of...